Who we Mentor

Aesthetication provides advanced training to aesthetic doctors who are intending to take their practice to the next level. Led by two highly experienced doctors, the programme is designed to offer those who have already taken the first steps to a career in aesthetic medicine but now want to accelerate their progress to become well-rounded practitioners who can not only inject well but have a complete understanding of all of the treatments available including devices and skincare.

An important distinction for graduates of Aesthetication are the numerous career opportunities that will be offered and which will include:

  1. Ongoing support for our alumni
  2. Employment opportunities with company-owned clinics 
  3. Business opportunities whereby graduates can invest alongside Berkshire Aesthetics in new clinic sites 
Aesthetication is very much for those who have begun to establish themselves and are enjoying the challenges and opportunities which a career in aesthetic medicine brings. Our doctors know first hand the challenges of moving from the NHS to private practice and understand how, from a doctor’s perspective, these can be overcome. 

With a myriad of training options, our program stands apart as a highly specialised course which aims to support a specific subset of the profession. Our trainers come from surgical backgrounds and are focused on supporting those with similar experiences to develop the necessary skills to advance their aesthetic careers. Our first training cohort will be drawn from practitioners who:

  1. GMC registered doctors with a minimum of five years of postgraduate experience
  2. Have completed several surgical rotations during foundation, core, or speciality training
  3. Undertaken training courses in Botox and fillers from reputable training providers and which must include some proficiency of treating with cannula
  4. A minimum of one year of independent practice in aesthetic medicine
  5. Having a body of work to present at interview will demonstrate their ability to competently treat a range of indications


In future years we will widen the program to support more doctors to develop advanced skills. For now, our focus is on developing alumni who will be given the opportunity to further their careers through skills development and ongoing support and business opportunities.